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The missing piece

Have you ever tried to put a puzzle together, and when you were almost done, you realized that someone had lost the final piece? It can be incredibly frustrating.

Maybe you have tried to put your life together, thinking, If I put this here and that there, it will work. . . But where is that other piece?

God holds the missing piece. You won’t find it in your pursuits. The missing piece is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Have you found that missing piece? Or, do you still have a hole in your heart that you’ve tried to fill with everyone and everything, but nothing satisfies?

There is a old song that says;
“The world may try and satisfy, the longing in your soul – you may search the whole world over – but you’ll be just like before – you’ll never find true satisfaction – until you’ve found The Lord cause only Jesus can satisfy your soul. Only He can take your heart and he’ll make you whole . You’ll find peace you never knew – sweet love and joy and he’ll give you heaven too – only Jesus can satisfy your soul.”

He is only a prayer away.

Rev Ran 🙂

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