Prayer is essential to the success of our time together.

Matt 16: 18-19 … “And the gates of Hades shall not prevail (overpower, block, be strong) against it (my church) and I will give you (us) the keys of the kingdom of Heaven, and what ever you bind on earth (through prayer) will be bound in Heaven, and what ever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” In ancient times, keys were symbols of authority and power – the one who had the keys to the city gate had the assured access! The stronger the city gates, the safer the city. As children and priest of the almighty king we have the ability through prayer to confront principalities. Before we can loose man kind from hell’s dominion, we must first pull down the demonic strongholds. Hell’s gates shall be totally powerless to prevail against God’s royal family. Not only will we open the gates, we will demolish the gates of brass, which have enshrouded our cities for many centuries. I believe through prayer. God will vex our enemies and send the outpouring of the abundance of rain!

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