Daily Devotionals

focus on these blessings

This morning when you woke up, what was the first thing that went through your mind? For me, it was my wife Karlene, our kids and ministry responsibilities I have today. We all have deadlines, challenges in our jobs or relationships that seems to consume our thoughts.

Today, I want to encourage you; instead of focusing on what your circumstances have to offer, focus on what God has to offer you. He has peace that passes all understanding. Even when things don’t look peaceful. The Bible says he gives, “Joy unspeakable and full of His Glory.” Those are blessings! Psalms 68:19 says … daily God loads you with blessing!

Everyday, choose to set your focus on these blessings by saying, “I know God is directing my steps; it gives me Peace and Joy that He is in control. I believe something good is going to happen today!”

Rev Ran 🙂

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