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Tonight I sat and watched the lightning put on a show. As I watched, I began to wonder about heaven. Have you ever wondered what we will know in heaven?People sometimes ask, “Will we recognize each other?” That question always amazes me. As if we’re…

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Turn your eyes upon Jesus

The Bible says that as we move toward the consummation of history, things will grow darker. Tonight, we are seeing that happening before our eyes. 1. Israel is at war with Hamas,and anti Israeli sentiments are sweeping Europe. 2. Isis (Muslim Brotherhood) radical Islamic terrorist…

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Why stand with Israel

Last night sitting in the airport watching CNN they were asking the question; Why stand with Israel today? Let’s look at it from a Biblical world view – and just scratch the surface; Scripture makes it clear that we are to “Pray for the peace…

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The missing piece

Have you ever tried to put a puzzle together, and when you were almost done, you realized that someone had lost the final piece? It can be incredibly frustrating. Maybe you have tried to put your life together, thinking, If I put this here and…

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One Thing

I have heard it said, “One of the greatest danger’s in life is to permit the urgent things to crowd out the important things. You see, the rabbit trails in life can cause us to lose sight of the one thing in life that matters:…

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We need another revival

Last night, the 22 yr old son of a Hollywood producer went on a mass killing spree near the campus of University of California, Santa Barbara. When it was all said and done 7 people (including the shooter) were dead and 11 were injured. Witness…

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Pay it forward

Have you ever heard the phrase “Pay It Forward.” Dr David Jeremiah told the following story: “A grieving Canadian widower was dining alone in a restaurant for the first time since burying his wife of 43 years. Seated nearby was a young couple who reminded…

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Jesus has been there

Do you know that sometimes the best thing you can do for a hurting person is to just be there? When I first started in the ministry 25 years ago, I had a sermon for everyone. But since then, I have slept a couple of…

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Are we living in the last days?

The Lunar Eclipse, the coverage on Christian television and all the latest books, and articles have prompted many people via Face Book or texts to ask me, “Randy, do you think this is the last generation – are we living in the last days? Of…

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Where will you turn when?

Watching the news tonight and hearing all the crazy things going on around the world. It really brings one question to the forefront. Where will you turn in a time of crisis? When tragedy hits? When disaster strikes? Will it be your favorite Web site?…

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